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Subject: Howto Construct Editable Tree

Hello I have a hierarchically organized data object which I need to display. The user may edit some of its attributes. I figured it must be a tree like structure with editable nodes. Is there an e

Is there a mailing list for S2 only?

??? -- Scott stanlick@(protected)

Subject: Generic Selection Screen

Hi I need a generic "selection screen " in my application. By Selection screen I mean 1? Two html select one for "selectable items " And an other for "selected items " 2? five buttons "copy " "copy al

struts.xml - change default location

Hi I have to face up the following issue. My location of struts.xml shoudl be WEB-INF directory not WEB-INF/classes. What is the easiest way to achieve this?? I tried several different config locat

Subject: <html:base > equivalent in S2

Hi Expert I heavily used <html base > tag in my old S1 project but I cannot find its equivalent in S2. Could someone tell me the workaround in S2 or whether the future version of S2 will support it

SlashesInActionNames + wildcard mapping

Hi There I have set the below property in my struts.enable.SlashesInActionNames true And in my struts.xml I have <action name "* " > <result >/view/{0}.jsp </re

struts-power.gif will not display in struts2-mailreader-2.0.6

I was wondering why the "struts-power.gif " image wasn 't appearing in struts2-mailreader-2.0.6. It won 't display because the filename starts with the word "struts ". I requested the image directly but g

Struts2 - displaying validation errors on jsp

The struts2 s textfield tag will automatically display the validation errors if you use the xhtml theme. I want to use the simple theme and don 't see any examples of how to retrieve the error mess

NullPointerException when using <s:head theme= "ajax "/ > in my header.jsp file

This application uses sitemesh 2.2.1 spring 2.0.3 struts 2.0.6 struts 1.2.9 struts-menu If I put " <s head theme "ajax "/ > in my header.jsp file I get a Nullpointer exception. I found this lin

Using Struts Validator framework

Hi I am using Struts Validator framework and DynaActionForm for performing form data validations. The user input is taken and then corresponding record is fetched from the database. Depending on the

Subject: Struts Form Values are null

Hello I have a form called as UserForm( ) and a UserAction( configured in the struts config for the dispatch action method named getUserDetails.The UserForm has a proper

Mixed zero/xml config; classname properties file issue?

Hello I 'm playing with converting an existing XML-configured application to zero-config. We 'll call it "Mailreader " for the sake of discussion. There 's a property file called MailreaderSupport.prop

Struts 1.3.8: property actionId causes load() Exception

I just upgraded to Struts 1.3.8. I was experimenting with adding <set-property property "actionId " value "myAction "/ > in my action mappings. Unfortunately as soon as I add one of these to my struts

s.autocompleter with JSON Plugin

I have the following in the body <@(protected) id "foos " value "foosList.action " / > <@(protected) theme "ajax " action "addTest " method "add " > <@(protected) theme "ajax " href "%{foos} "

Subject: s.autocompleter not found

I have a page configured as follows <html xmlns "http // " > <head > <meta http-equiv "Content-Type " content "text/html charset ISO-8859-1 " / > <title >Test </title > <@(protected) theme "

Subject: very basic S2 question

I has started to learn S2 a few months ago and then got sidetracked. I 'm willing to tackle the learning curve but I have a very basic question I notice that many people are combining S2 with Spri

Do I really need to migrate to Struts2?

Hi all That 's not the whole question. I 've been using only the controller + tiles of Struts for years and I managed to create a big web site http // Skillipedia . If I will

Struts2 How To?

I have been unable to find how to use Struts2 with *both* JSF and Tiles. Each is implemented by setting the action result "type " attribute to "jsf " and "tiles " respectively. How do you include bot

TAbbedPanel and CSS

Hi Does anyone knows how to change the default .css for TabbedPanel without change that inside the jar? I need change the colors of Labe and the image of the tab. regards Felipe -- View this mes

XSS ( was Cross site scripting issue )

Hey guys I 'm gonna start this as an [OT] as a courtesy. Found a scenario where filtering the output won 't do I think. I 'm doing an all ajax webapp. I send an internal mail message to a users inbo

Why is Dojo included in simple theme?

Hi This is probably a naive question but I 've looked around a bit and couldn 't find a simple answer. Why does the simple theme in Struts 2 include Dojo at all? I know it 's "minimal " inclusion but

external jsp files

hi how can I make struts2 find jsp files outside the webcontext. if the solution is to specify the full path how can I do to externalize the base path as a property/variable/constant. Thanx in advan

Subject: DispatchAction

Hi is it possible to use DispatchAction with struts-faces integration library + tiles? All my tests the execute method was called even if I specify on the URL the method name. Thanks Rodrigo Perei

OSS tool to diagram struts-config.xml ?

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash SHA1 Hi folks Anyone out there know of a tool that is Open Source that will create a diagram of actions and forwards from a struts-config.xml file? - --

My own Interceptor with <param >eters

Hi List I need my own interceptor to be able to access parameters. In my struts.xml I have something like .... <interceptor name "myInter " class "MyInterceptor " > <param name "cid " >1234 </param >

Always set devMode to false in production

In the Struts 2.0.6 release we made the mistake of setting devMode to true in some of the example applications. As a result some developers copied the setting and then wondered why their Struts 2 a

Client-side code for custom validators

How do I implement client-side validation code for a custom validator? I have developed a custom validator that should generate client-side validation Javascript code but I can 't figure out where the

Please help: Struts tags don 't evaluate any expressions

Hi I have a problem with Struts tags. I can 't use any expression (EL runtime) in the tag attributes <html text property "num_linea[${i}] " / > <html text property "num_linea[ <% i% >] " / >

Forward a action from one action programmatically in STruts 2.0

Hi I have a requirement where in the action has to be forwarded based on certain runtime conditions.The destination will be decided only on the runtime.

Best Practices for reusability?

I 'm working on a large and complex web application. One of the things that bothers me is a WizardAction with one ActionForm working on multiple JSP pages. All of these JSP pages have hardcoded action
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